We help schools to reduce bullying.

rate of suicide increase
Bullying Component
the problem

The rate of suicide is up 30%

Bullying is a major component. 

Recent studies show that more than 160 thousand students stay home per day in the United States to avoid constant bullying.

50% of bullying

stops when schools have a structured program in place.


What we do

We offer a package of programs and activities for schools to use in the fight against bullying. 

We work in partnership with schools in their intentional development of creating a positive and inclusive school culture by educating and supporting students, parents, and school faculty on how to reduce negativity and foster a caring culture amongst all of the members of each school community.

In-school Programs

We offer assembly programs to train and encourage the school community to work against bullying.

Corporate partnerships

We bring corporate sponsors to provide funding to schools.

Online Assets

We offer online assets and a web portal where a facilitator and student can sit one-on-one and learn effective ways to reduce bullying.


We create and implement fundraising activities to raise money for schools.

Proven to be effective

Are you looking for ways to stop bullying in your school?